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The image on the left is the journey that you'll go on with me at The Brain Wheel.

As I make more courses, products and services, I'll update this map. However, these are the main parts of the journey that you'll go on with me from start to finish.

Underpinning all the books, courses and consultancy will be my 5-Stage Marketing System, 'The Science of Getting Chosen', so I'd recommend spending a few minutes of your time understanding it below.


'The Science Of Getting Chosen' System

Through my 13 years of experience in advertising, research and marketing strategy, I've learnt that a successful marketing process
that builds a strong business can be simplified into five stages.

Each stage goes deep and has many parts to it, but it never goes beyond five main stages.  It's a system that I want to teach you. 
I call it 'The Science Of Getting Chosen'.

Even though the details of this 5-stage marketing system are still in development, here’s a short video to share with you about how it works...


Introducing: 'The Science Of Getting Chosen' 
a 5-Stage Marketing System


Why did I create this system?

My vision is simple: to find one simple formula for marketing that anyone can learn easily. 

In a world of low-value internet marketing advice, conflicting marketing theories and sales funnels, I’m on a mission to find one formula that just works.

Fortunately, Marketing Science is proving that there are absolute, real laws of marketing and consumer behaviour,
which we can apply to our businesses today.

It's my aim to keep up-to-date with the latest in Marketing Science, apply it to my 5-stage system and then teach you about it.

It's a journey that I am excited to be on and am sure will never end or be 100% perfect. But if Einstein and Hawking did it for Physics,
why can’t it be done for Marketing?

I hope you'll join me on my journey.

Simon | The Chief Brain