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Digital Marketing Strategy Service.

If you’re a business with a budget of at least £1,000, I offer a complete digital marketing strategy service.

You’ll get access to my experience working for over 227 brands, from Coca Cola to startups– and my 15 years spent in London ad agencies.

The Anti-Scattergun Method.

Many clients come to me because they feel that they are wasting money and time producing marketing content that isn’t converting to leads or sales because they use a random, spray and pray approach.

This happens because there’s no tight, simple strategy in place that aims your content to the right customers with the right message in the right marketing channels.

That’s why I use The Anti-Scattegun Method with my clients to prevent wasteful, ineffective marketing.

This is the 7-step journey that I use with clients:

  • define the two to three specific outcomes for 12 months time
  • prioritise the most profitable audiences
  • craft and position key messages, themes and passion points to these audiences
  • select the best marketing channels to reach these audiences
  • plan content backwards, from the sales stage to the beginning awareness stage
  • write a content calendar for the first month of marketing activity
  • set KPIs that show if you’re meeting your outcomes

Why people hire me.

Since 2005, I’ve worked in marketing insight and strategy for well over 227 businesses from Coca Cola, Honda and Oracle to marketing agencies to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. I also have a list of marketing qualifications (including the IPA’s Marketing Effectiveness award) and am winner of the YunoJuno Strategist of the Year award, 2019.

Simon is someone who gets a quick intuitive feel for a brief and then immediately interrogates that with his quant and qual nous – I found that to be an impressive and compelling combo and it always got us somewhere that made sense to me very quickly – this is how I love to work!
– Helen Searle, Chief Client Office, BCW Global

Professional qualifications.

Professionally-backed advice.

Not only will you get access to my direct experience working on over 227 brands and London advertising agencies since 2005, you also get advice that’s from an award-winning marketer with industry-leading, professional marketing qualifications in:

  • The Institute For Practioners Of Advertising in Marketing Effectiveness
  • The Institute For Practioners Of Advertising Foundation Certificate
  • Advanced Certificate In Market Research

Snapshot of brands I’ve worked on (small and large).

Ready for The Anti Scattergun Method?

If you would like to use The Anti-Scattergun Method for your business or would like to find out more about the service, you can book a free strategy session with me.

These strategy sessions last 30 minutes and are held via Zoom.

Just click the button below to schedule a session: