Why people subscribe to my newsletter.


"I collect lots of shiny information as I think I might be able to learn something or use it.  More often than not, it tends to end in an unsubscribe, as the barrage of emails that follow on have a constant up-sell that gets very tedious. However, I found Simon's free Spartan Research report informative, and the follow-on newsletters easy to to consume. I think how Simon's packaged his material is very useful and helpful."

Gary Swanston – Entrepreneur, Southampton UK


"I think I have to believe there's a real benefit to me when signing up to a newsletter, and it is going to make me smarter/richer/healthier etc. I subscribe to Simon’s newsletters because I know the content will be interesting, practical, personal and devoid of ego. The advice is a fantastic source of ideas and tips for the things you know you should be doing better." 

Miles Redgrave – Client Success Manager, ResiAnalytics, UK

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"Finally, a newsletter that I really like! It's full of useful insights and practical tips that I can apply to my business right away."

Jonathan Reese – Director, Waliba, UK

"Love it: it’s packed full of applicable content, well-researched and plenty of real-world examples and case studies." 

Ian Thwaites – Director of LevelWater Charity, UK

"Simon's newsletter is a welcome relief from the fluff that permeates online marketing. Filled with actionable tidbits, 'real life' business lessons and unusual insights overlooked by others, it's on my 'must open' email list."

D'Anne – WebOpter, New Mexico

"How refreshing to be sent an email in which someone has dared to write genuine, humorous, intelligent comment that actually tells you something you want to know. Thank you Simon Lamey!"

Jo McCarthy – Director,
Summit Marketing Services, UK