Front cover of the published version. Available on Amazon & Kindle. The Digital download version has a different design.

Front cover of the published version. Available on Amazon & Kindle. The Digital download version has a different design.


"No Ugly Duckling"

How To Transform An Unsexy Product On Instagram (And Sell)

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How Do You Sell On Instagram Once You've Put A Lot Of Time And Energy Into Making Your Product?

On Instagram, it's hard to translate into sales the time, effort and care that’s gone into making your product.


And that's because there is an element of 'random chaos' on Instagram.

Some responses to your Instagram posts can be…well, a bit random. There are some posts that lots of people respond to and there are others that flop… and you can't seem to work out why.

It's frustrating, so you end up caring less about what you post (when you know you should). All this random chaos gets in the way of knowing how to use Instagram best, and in turn getting more followers and selling your product.

It can seem like other Instagram accounts are 'in the know' about how to use Instagram effectively and are creating lots of eye-catching posts and promoting their products better and getting more followers. Meanwhile, your account is stuttering to get even just a few hundred followers.

Yet knowing how to use Instagram in the best way and making sales from it remains the dream.

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The truth is, there aren’t many shortcuts to getting
more instagram followers and sales.

Even 'Instagram stars' probably didn't start off knowing how to use Instagram and worked hard to get where they are now.

What’s needed is a strategy that helps you control the random chaos and makes sure that your hard work is focused on the right areas. A strategy that will help you standout from the rest, and puts you at the front of customers' minds. 

That is, a plan of action on how to use Instagram in the best way, that will help you create consistently knockout posts today, and delivers more followers (and sales) tomorrow, each week, month and year.

In short, you need your posts to POP, so people's fingers STOP on YOUR posts.



"No Ugly Duckling": How To Transform An Unsexy Product On Instagram (And Sell).

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In 3 books, you can say goodbye to random experimenting with Instagram and hello to a plan of action to get you noticed.

We deconstruct how to create your own Instagram style, then look at how to take, edit and promote photos and videos without breaking a sweat. We break down the main building blocks of what makes an Instagram post pop off the screen, and transforms your business into a beautiful 'InstaSwan'.

These books are for any  product, service or business who feels unsexy today and wants to know how to use Instagram to its full potential. It can be for a seemingly less sexy business, like a law firm or accountancy service. Or it can be for a business who should be sexier, but is struggling (like a fitness or fashion brand).


"At first, I was thinking: 'Oh god, I don’t know if I have the brainpower for this".

"But when you do it and you see results, it’s great. My followers went up a lot more after doing it. What the books help you do is standout, and give you a strategy that puts you at the forefront of people’s minds. Before, I was naïve. I was skipping around, taking the odd picture and thinking that would be enough. I assumed everybody was doing the same. Basically, these books will help you get with the program.”

– Lucy, Co-Founder Of Glitter Tits (bio-degradable glitter), London, UK


Have you seen how fast people scroll through their posts?

Just watch somebody looking through their Instagram posts. Have you seen how quickly their fingers scroll through them before they briefly pause on one? That’s the problem: getting your customers to pause on your post.

Which is why these 3 books will get your posts to pop so their fingers stop.

In this 3-part series, we cover:

The essential building blocks about how to create your own distinct Instagram style, so you can stand out from the
competition and not be a 'cookie-cutter' brand like all the rest.

A detailed breakdown about how to take photos and videos that grab people by the eyeballs

3 strategies to attract Instagram followers using the power of communities, advertising and influencers
(and overcome the frustration of having low follower numbers)


The 3-Part Series On 'How To Transform An Unsexy Product On Instagram'.

Book 1 – Starting A Makeover: Strategically Plan Posts So You Can Succeed on Instagram (42 pages)

Book 2 – Looking Goooood: Take And Edit Photos And Videos Like A Pro  (42 pages) 

Book 3 – Get Popular, Look Sexier:  Use Advertising, Communities And Influencers To Get More Followers (27 pages)


Book 1

Starting A Makeover: Strategically Plan Posts So You Can Succeed on Instagram

It’s easy to get posting on Instagram. You just take a photo, and post it right? Well, not really, because quickly we get stuck. When do we post? What are we posting? Why are we posting? How can we make posts look different from our competitors? It is entirely possible, however, to overcome this confusion.

In this 42-page book we will cover:

  • A simple strategic process to create posts that solve the headache of not knowing what to post and why

  • How to create your own distinctive Instagram visual and written style that your competition will find hard to copy

  • Super-powered content themes that are true to your business’s values and grab your customers’ limited attention-spans

  • How to build a simple, effective content calendar of many months’ worth of standout Instagram posts


Book 2

Looking Goooood: How To Take And Edit Photos And Videos Like A Pro.

Instagram posts need to grab people by their eyeballs. But an 'intimidation factor’ creeps into your brain. What if you are not a pro photographer? What if you don’t have the time, money or man-power to create Instagram videos that move people? Fortunately, it’s easier than you may think...

In this 42-page book we will cover:

A clear breakdown of how to take photos and videos that leap off the screen (and stop your customers scrolling past them)

7 steps to creating luscious-looking photos and yummy videos without needing expensive equipment

A simple approach to edit photos and videos with the latest, user-friendly apps (that don’t require a PhD to use)

The finishing touches that give your posts a lick of quality and show your customers that you know what you’re doing.


Book 3

Get Popular, Look Sexier: How To Use Advertising, Communities And Influencers To Get More Followers.

It’s all very well creating great Instagram posts, but what if only a few people see them? This book shows us how to get more people to see our posts, so we can attract more followers.

In this 27-page book we will cover:

  • Why advertising will attract a lot of followers in a short space of time, and why you need to ‘pay to play'

  • How to use Instagram to promote your content without paying for advertising and attract the right followers using the power of communities

  • Finding the right influencers for your business and how they can grow your popularity on Instagram

  • The free tools that let you search for influencers, build new partnerships and keep in regular touch with your followers at next to no cost.


"These books have given me the right momentum to break through my resistance in trying out Instagram."

"We are doing a brand image makeover for our fitness studio. Being a small business, there isn’t much time to research and experiment with the right way of doing social marketing.

There is a tendency to just try the things we are familiar with. For fitness, I’ve known that Instagram is a must, but there's not enough time or energy to experiment with it, as the algorithms keep changing. 

After reading Simon’s books, I now have a good idea of 3 things: things I should do to build my brand on Instagram, Content Strategy for Instagram, and detailed steps for planning and posting on Instagram. 

These are great books, and I recommend them for anyone who wants to cut through the fluff and really wants to make Instagram work for them.”


– Siri, Marketing Manager, Just Unleash Fitness, Bangalore, India


You also have my 100% money-back 'Todzilla' Guarantee.

If you don't like this book, I will refund you all your money. No questions asked.

My toddler daughter likes destroying precious items for no particular reason. A bit like Godzilla. But in this case, it’s more 'Todzilla’. So she will take your copy and destroy it in any way she sees fit. It won’t be pretty.

Just send me an email, and I will return all your money.


What makes these books different?
This 3-part series is about one word: STANDOUT.

These 3 books are here to take your business through a simple process to make you stand out on people's Instagram feeds. They aren't a series of random '50 top tips’ like in many social media books or click-bait online articles.

Instead, each book is properly structured to give you a step-by-step process that starts with a robust strategy and teaches you how to create and promote your posts so they look utterly distinct, and standout on a busy Instagram feed.


"As someone who already works in social media, I probably would have thought: it’s too basic for me."

“The truth is that I was pleasantly surprised at how useful the books were to me. Each segment was simple and clear to understand. I like how the book kept examples real and easy to understand. It wasn’t trying to be pretentious; it made complex social media strategy accessible to everyone. Whatever stage you’re at, this is a great Instagram strategy bible.

– Caroline Lane, Senior Marketing Manager, Cameron Hughes Wine, California, USA

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Plus, a special bonus
(for premium buyers only!)

The Instagram Pros – A Deep Dive Series

If you buy the Premium version, you will also receive 4 written interviews with Instagram pros. Pros who are specialists in taking photos for Instagram, buying advertising with Instagram, and finding and paying for influencers.

These are unique interviews that contain 5 hours of extensive conversation, looking at the pros and cons of using Instagram for businesses.

We take a deep dive into:

  • How a pro photographer takes and edits the best photographs and videos for large brands (and the pitfalls to avoid)

  • Tips from a pro Instagram advertiser on how he works with businesses to promote themselves on Instagram (whilst managing the costs of Instagram advertising)

  • Strategies from a pro 'influencer-hunter’ whose job it is to find the right influencers who promote brands of all sizes

  • How Instagram posts and content are created for large and small brands


Prices and how to buy.

(The books are sold in PDF format. The visuals are for illustration purposes only).

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Any issues or questions, please email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

P.S. If you like these books, you’ll see that for the monthly price of Netflix, you’ve got more business insight at your fingertips that will last for years.
And if you don’t like the books, you have 30 days in which I’ll return your money.


What happens next? 

When you choose your book option, you’ll be taken to an easy payment page where you can pay by credit card or PayPal. You'll be sent digital versions of the book in PDF format. If you don’t get your files within 24 hours, just email me and I’ll send them straight to you. 

And if you want to give me your feedback on the books, I’d love to hear from you. Email me at and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Toodle pip, and thanks for reading.

Simon | The Chief Brain

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