You can choose from two types of consultancy:

Option 1: A One Hour Call (consultancy via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts)

Cost: £175 / $250 per hour


Option 2: Daily Consultancy (face to face, on-site consultancy).

Cost: £500 / $550 per day + travel expenses if 35+ miles from The Brain Wheel HQ in Hadlow, Kent, UK. 


Why people trust me.

caroline 1.png

"Picking the right marketing consultant is risky. I’ve worked with lots and I have to say that Simon is up there with the best.” 

Caroline Lotinga –Director, MOI Global, UK


“Getting 100% clarity is always hard with consultants. With Simon you get that clarity. I recently worked with Simon on a new health drink product we are launching – his thinking helped us fine-tune our brand messaging and launch strategy.” 

Evan Michaels – Social Marketer & Social Activist, UK


"Simon is simply brilliant. A clear thinker with an ability to get up to speed quickly and is a true collaborator. He is full of ideas. Beyond work, he is also a really charming, humble bloke." 

Andrew Chaplin – Client Director, B2B Technology Director, UK


What if you need more help once the consultancy time is over?

I have a ‘No Man Left Behind’ promise. This means that I am always on email and phone to answer any follow-up questions for one month after the consultancy period is over.


What To Do Next?

By now, you’ll probably have digested the free articles and free report on this site, and will have read my testimonials. It’s also possible that you will have talked to me already too. 

If you haven’t, please look at the free articles and reports on the site, or email me at with any questions you may have.

I am also happy to put you in touch with existing clients if you want to hear about their experiences. I have worked for over 14 years with over 200 businesses, so I know quite a few. ;)


How To Book Me.

Please call 07979 857951or email and I’ll reply within 24 hours :)

Toodle pip,

Simon | The Chief Brain