I help your content stand out from the digital wallpaper

“Being part of the wallpaper… guarantees you won’t get noticed or remembered.” Dave Trott, world-famous adman

Simon is marketer, who works with businesses to make their content and social media marketing stand out like an X in a row of 0s.

Why I am different


Can you tell me which character stands out above? It’s the X, isn’t it?  89% of marketing, however, looks like an 0, so it gets ignored. It becomes wallpaper.

My talent is spotting the golden nuggets in marketing data that others struggle to see – then I use those nuggets to create content that makes your business standout like an X (not a 0).

Why people hire me

Since 2005, I’ve worked in marketing insight and strategy for well over 227 businesses from Coca Cola, Honda and Oracle to marketing agencies to entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. I also have a list of marketing qualifications (including the IPA’s Marketing Effectiveness award) and am winner of the YunoJuno Strategist of the Year award, 2019.

Simon is someone who gets a quick intuitive feel for a brief and then immediately interrogates that with his quant and qual nous – I found that to be an impressive and compelling combo and it always got us somewhere that made sense to me very quickly – this is how I love to work!
– Helen Searle, Chief Client Office, BCW Global


  • 1:1 consultancy video-calls for companies who need strategic direction but have smaller budgets
  • Content & social media strategies to prevent scattergun marketing behaviours
  • Social media & content marketing training to plug a business’s skill-gaps

Next steps

If you want to work with me – and your budget is £250 or more – please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

My waiting list is currently four weeks.