Why You Won’t Be A Millionaire Straightaway (And That’s A Good Thing).

The internet is riddled with stories of '10-Bob Millionaires'. 
These stories are from people who make it look like they make a big profit (but don't).
They make us feel like we're the losers and should be earning oodles of cash.

Instead, we need to forget these stories and think of doing something different.
What should we be thinking or doing?
And what is a '10-Bob Millionaire' anyway?
How will it help you run your business better?

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Find Your ‘Or Else!’ Factor…or else!

What do I mean by an 'Or Else!' Factor?

An ‘Or Else!’ Factor helps you focus on your number one priority in life: the one thing that you don’t want to lose. Doing this will help you turn your ideas and dreams into a real-life business and lifestyle.

Read on to find out how to prioritise your priorities in life…

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Do you have to spend thousands on SEO to make it work?

Dennie, one of my email consultancy clients who runs Old Style Dating, posted this question in The Lab:

“Do you have to spend thousands on SEO to make it work?”. 

My first thought was, “No, but a lot of SEO companies over-complicate it in order to charge you more.” 

I wasn’t 100% sure however, so I interviewed David, an SEO specialist and all-round clever Columbian chap about how to get the most out of SEO when you’re a small business…

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It’s Wise To Be Ignorant – Why Writing About What You Don't Know Keeps Your Marketing Fresh

We’re all knowledgeable in our own fields, but what if our competitors know as much as we do? How do we create marketing content that is different from the rest when the rest are saying similar stuff?

The answer isn’t as difficult as you may think. Being ignorant and writing about something that you don’t know about (rather than what you do) will help you create content that stands out from the crowd.

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Be The Size You Are Now

There’s a temptation for startups to want to behave like big companies in the belief that you'll get more customers. There’s a fear of needing to get it right first, and to look the part.
But startups usually don’t have the time or money to behave like larger, established businesses and get it ‘perfect’ first time.

Instead, we need to work in a different way.
We need to play to our strengths of being a small business…

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Don’t Fear The Niche: How To Create A Niche Competitive Positioning For Your Business (Without Fear Of Losing Customers)

We all want lots of customers, but we often fear being niche when communicating to customers. But it turns out that being niche is the secret sauce to getting more customers. So how do we do it? What are the secret ingredients to this secret sauce?

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