Something Went Well That Wasn't Supposed To...

'Hey, I was on this podcast the other day and listen to all the things I said'.
There, I’ve said it. ;)
So have I suddenly become vain and ego-centric?
Not really.

It's just I have good news to share with you in this post. And it's useful too. 
I was recently a guest on Gil Pagan's Lease A Sales Rep Podcast.
While recording it for iTunes, we also made a video for Gil's YouTube channel.

And something strange happened...
Video recordings of podcast interviews aren't usually great quality and typically get under 100 views on YouTube.
Yet this video recording has got 1,604 views so far and is the most viewed interview on Gil's YouTube channel right now, despite the recording starting out as a podcast!
Who knows, maybe it was our matching specs ;o) 

It's worth a listen as there's a lot of free, useful advice in the interview.

But if you're short on time and don't want to listen to the whole thing, I've pinpointed a few moments for you:
1). What's better for your business: LinkedIn vs Facebook advertising? (click here to listen)
2). When to step back from selling and go for trust with your marketing and when it's best to go for sales (click here to listen)
3). Useful tools that track people coming to your website and help you reach out to them (click here to listen)

If you have more time, like driving to work or walking the dog, the full 53-minute recording is on iTunes – click on this link to listen. 

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