Sam Riley's Thought Leaders Business Lab podcast - Have Customers Choose You Over The Competition

Photo: Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

Photo: Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

Why is it that no matter how impressive the services and products you put out, your prospects are still choosing to go to your competitors?

On Sam Riley’s Thought Leaders Business Lab podcast, you'll hear me describe how you as a small business owner can overcome this and stand out amongst your competitors, so your business can grow.

Have a listen and you'll discover:

  • What is The Brain Wheel? (00:46)

  • The Concept of Pattern Interrupt (03:17)

  • 5 Stages to Make Sure your Business Grows and Survives (05:15)

  • The benefits of focussing on one segment of your business market (08:40)

  • Choosing one strong theme for your content (20:33)

  • What will happen if you skip through the steps? (36:20)

  • How to tweak your marketing to get it right and attain your vision (39:24)

Listen to the episode here

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