Mince Pies Or Quinoa Cakes? 10 Marketing Resolutions For 2018

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Have you ditched the mince pies for quinoa cakes yet?
Yep, it's that time of year for New Year's resolutions. 

And at Brain Wheel HQ, we wanted to let you know what our New Year Marketing Resolutions are for the year ahead:

1. £10 Email Consultancy (available now)
I have 3 new places available for endless consultancy by email for £10 a month.

2. x3 Instagram Books + bonus book (February)
There's nothing else like these Instagram books available on the market - I've done my research, as you'd expect.

3. Instagram Live Monthly Q&As (March onwards)
Ask me your questions via Instagram Live for up to 1 hour.

4. Social Media Personality Book (Easter)
The talk on social media that I gave in November last year is now written up with more detail and bonus materials.

5. Online Community For 'Good Brands' (May)
I can't wait for this! A private community for brands that do good for the planet, people and society. A special online space for businesses who share the same ambitions and values. There'll be access to unlimited marketing advice & training from me, all for £10 a month. PLUS, if you are already on the £10 email consultancy list by the time it goes live, you'll get free entry to this community.

6. Live Training Course On How To Create A Highly Distinct Business (Autumn)
A half-day intense workshop to transform your brand into something quitemarvellous.

7. Free Live Presentation To Healthy Food Brands (November - possibly earlier) 
Likely to be at Food Matters Live. 

8. Podcasts Or YouTube videos (TBC)
I'll be needing your help to tell me which you prefer. More on this later...

9. New Positioning For Your Business (TBC)
How to make your business distinct, interesting and attention-grabbing.

10. Video On How The Brain Wheel's System Works (Late 2018) 
I'd like to start this earlier, but we'll see how the other 9 resolutions go.

Plus, I'll be doing my daily consultancy throughout all this.
Oh and The Brain Wheel's usual newsletters will continue too :o)

So big things are afoot for 2018! Just email me if you want to know more.

Here's wishing you a happy, healthy and exciting 2018.
Toodle pip,

Simon | The Chief Brain


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