How To Write A Call To Action Button That Customers Will Click On

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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How To Write A Call To Action Button That Customers Will Click On

Ready, Steady... Click!

If we want to motivate horses out of the starting blocks on an ice-cold day, a starting pistol really helps jolt them into action. 
And that’s why we need to use a ‘Call To Action’ in our first five lines to jolt our customers into similar action.

‘The Call To Action’ is a marketing term for the words like ‘buy now’ or ‘subscribe to my newsletter’.
For most websites, this button sits at the top of the page (right below the summary) and at the bottom too. 

Common ‘Call To Actions’ are words like: 

- Discover more

- Sign me up

- Look inside 

- Ready, Steady... Click! 

- Get started

- Download now

- Join now

- Browse

- Get your free copy

- Try it free

- Request a free quote

- Take the tour
This may all sound a bit obvious, however; a bit too simple even. 
I mean, you’ve all seen these sorts of buttons before when you’ve bought something online.
But that’s why you need to your game and make your Call To Actions even more enticing. 

So, how do you add that extra spark to your Call To Action button?

This extra spark is created by three elements:

  1. Make it sound like a benefit

  2. Write specific words

  3. Sound upbeat!

Let’s take a look at a few examples which cover off some or all of these elements.

1). Basecamp
Their call-to-action button reads: 'Use Basecamp for 30 days - it's on us'.
You can see how Basecamp really spells out a benefit: 30 days’ free usage and a personal tone of voice (‘it’s on us’). And if you’re clever, you’ll notice that they’ve added some evidence underneath the blue button (‘6 million active users’). 

2). GoToMeeting
Their call to action button reads: 'Start my 14-day free trial'.
Like Basecamp, GoToMeeting put an extremely clear action and benefit of a 14-day free trial in their Call To Action button.

3.) 4Ocean
Their call-to-action button reads: 'Shop now, pull a pound'.
4Ocean’s Call To Action says that if you shop and buy from them, then the company will ‘Pull A Pound’ of plastic from the oceans in return. 

And that’s the goal after all...
... to keep customers on the page, and moving them to the point where they want to take action. So, it’s best to end on a high, with a corking Call To Action button that’s irresistible. 

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