Does Your Business Have a Magic Trick?

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Does Your Business Have A Magic Trick?

The film The Prestige is about competing magicians.
In the film, Christian Bale battles with Hugh Jackman to invent increasingly outrageous and dangerous tricks to get more people to watch their magic shows. 

I think what we can learn from this film is this: promise customers a mouth-watering magic trick in your opening five lines and they’ll want to stay on your website and find out how it works. 

Just like in The Prestige, the bigger and more interesting your ‘magic trick’, the less likely it is that visitors will bounce off your site. 

What is a magic trick and how do you find yours?
What is it in your product or service that is the biggest magic trick that you have going for you? (Don’t worry if you don’t have one now, I’ll help you get to yours soon.)

To understand what a magic trick looks like, here are three examples. 

  1. Grow an email list of 1000 subscribers in a month without spending a cent

  2. Sweets that melt in your mouth and not in your hand

  3. Sweat-free running shoes

Can you see how they are magical? 
Can you see the promise of something special, that’s beyond the norm? 
To get 1000 subscribers on an email list in a month is impressive. As are sweat-free running shoes. And sweets that melt in your mouth and not in your hand is what made M&M’s sweets magical years ago.

1). Go Daddy
A better website in under an hour = magic trick. 

2). Soylent
Breakfast and coffee in one bottle = magic trick

3). Plum Guide 
Stay in the one of the top 1% of homes in the world = magic trick 

4). Photomath
Scan a math problem for an instant result = magic trick

5). Ecosia
Plant trees by searching the web = magic trick 

And do you remember Apple's famous magic trick from 2001: '1,000 songs in your pocket'?
For Apple to get to ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’, it took many months of product development to work out their magic trick.

You might have a magic trick right now that you can plug straight into your opening few lines.
If you do, then that’s great. If you don’t, then don’t worry: you can invent one.

Here’s how:

1. Pick a feature and make it magical
Write out a list of your product’s or service’s features. Pick the most magical one, or think about how you can make one of them special. 

2. Look at what your competitors aren’t saying or doing
What is it that you can say that your competitors aren’t?

3. Ask your customers
Your best customers might know what makes you special. I find them an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration to listen to and bounce ideas off.

4. A Special Audience
If your product is familiar, you can create for a special audience. Like mortgage loans for Tibetan Monks, energy drinks for mountain climbers, or funeral services for the under-40s.

5. Your Price
Is your product extremely expensive or extremely cheap? Are you selling fountain pens that are worth thousands of dollars or have you written a 200-page book that only costs 79 cents?

The purpose of the magic trick is to hit visitors with it within the first five lines of your site.
We need to convince them that staying on your website will uncover more of this magic. 

You can take your magic trick one stage further, however. 
In fact, you must. You need to explain in a little more detail why your magic trick is worth hanging around for.
You can read more on this in Chapter 5 of my book, The Wasp Trap, free for Wheely Good newsletter members. Sign up and download it here :)

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