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Learn about three antisocial social media ideas that  – at first – might ruffle your feathers ……

Is it time to pay for advertising (and fish for more leads) – and stop over-engaging with people on social media?

New business leads.

New prospects. New customers.

Whatever you call them, we all want them.

Yet, we’re not always prepared to pay to find them when marketing on social media. We tend think that posting for free on Facebook will do the trick.

We believe that if we use the right hashtags, post frequently enough and comment on people’s social updates – maybe we’ll get those precious leads.

Yet the data from the world’s leading marketing bodies says differently.

That data shows that a lot of today’s social media advice doesn’t cut the mustard about how to get more leads faster. The data shows says that the days of posting for free (or ‘Organic Reach’ as it’s officially known) on major social platforms and getting big returns are pretty much over.

The data says that standard advice to churn out buckets of free content and keep your followers ‘engaged’ isn’t always the best idea.

Maybe back in 2012, it worked, but today ‘organic’ social media marketing on major channels is often a mug’s game.

58% of content created by the world’s leading 1800 brands is poor, irrelevant and fails to deliver.
– Havas Meaningful Brands report, 2019

This article might make you sit up to some provocative ideas.

This advice might ruffle a few feathers.

Not everyone will like it – choosing to pay for advertising isn’t very fashionable. “Don’t sell out man”.

But the big data about the dangers of most organic-only marketing is looking more robust than an ox on steroids.

Given that 58% of content does nothing for business, a fresh, science-based story about effective social media marketing on the big social media platforms needs to be told – however unpopular it might sound.

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  1. Why posting for free on social doesn’t generate enough leads for many
  2. Why chasing ‘likes’ doesn’t get most customers buying (and what to do instead)
  3. Why you should pay for advertising on social media (even if it’s only a little money)

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