Stop customers buying on autopilot (and choose you instead).


We show you how to interrupt customers’ brains so they choose you over the competition. Through marketing consultancy, courses and books, we’ve helped over 200 businesses get chosen consistently by customers.

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What’s The Brain Wheel?

In every customer's brain there is a wheel with a hamster on it. And that hamster goes round on its wheel, day in day out, making customers do things on autopilot, like buying things without thinking.


Customers buy the same familiar brands over and over again.

The same box of cereal, the same make of car, the same brand of shoes, as the hamster runs on its wheel in their brains.


this is your problem

How do you stop this wheel? How do you interrupt that little hamster in customers’ brains so that they notice your business? How do you get customers to choose you and not the same old product?

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Welcome to 'The Science Of Getting Chosen'.

The Science Of Getting Chosen is a 5-stage marketing process that tells you how to interrupt customers’ brains so they choose you over the competition.

This system helps you as a business owner find answers to those important questions like…

'Who's my target audience?' 'What do I say to them?' 'How is my business any different?’.

The Science Of Getting Chosen is based on the latest evidence from marketing science, consumer psychology and my work for over 170 large and small businesses.


How is The Brain Wheel’s approach different?

It’s not the size of a business, but the size of the idea at the heart of a business that makes it great. Too many businesses spend all of their energy on short-term, tactical marketing, and leap blindly from one tactic to another, without finding their 'Bold Idea'.

Without a ‘Bold Idea’, you’ll blend in with the competition. That’s why I help you find and communicate yours using our 3 step 'Rage Rating' process, so you will give customers a big reason to buy from you for many years.


How do I know this Brain Wheel thing is going to help me?

I recommend that you 'try before you buy'.

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Once you sign up to our Wheely Good Newsletter, you'll also get a terrific ebook: The Wasp Trap: Why Customers Leave Your Website Immediately (and how to hook them in the first 5 lines)”

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  • Why leading with benefits is more powerful than talking about yourself

  • Why having evidence (e.g. testimonials) from the start gives you immediate credibility, even if your business isn't well-known

  • How communicating a magic trick within the first few seconds will fire up customers' interest

  • How talking to a specific audience will get you the right customers for your business (and get rid of the time-wasters).


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