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Crack The Launch Code

I’ll train you to launch and scale a profitable sales machine and magnetic brand online in as little as 90 days. Whatever your current marketing skill level. Without the chaos.

– Simon Lamey, Launch Strategist

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Simon Lamey Consultancy
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Launching online is like opening Pandora’s box.

Hi, I’m Simon. I work closely with business owners and entrepreneurs to launch their business online – without the chaos!

Launching (or relaunching) a new product or service online is often ‘scattergun’.

If planning your launch feels random, unstructured  – like you are throwing marketing stuff at the wall and hoping it will stick – you’ll be doing ‘scattergun marketing’. And that’s a problem:  it wastes precious time, money and takes the momentum out of your launch.

That’s why you need ‘structure’ from a professional to launch smartly.

I help you plan, launch and scale at speed, with profit – whilst building a trusted brand. With 15 years working in London ad agencies and on over 227 brands large and small, I know what works and what doesn’t. I offer training and consultancy services to help you launch in style and sustain it for months and years after.

Simon Lamey Brands and awards

Some of the smaller and larger brands that I have launched and my award for ‘Strategist Of The Year’ at the 2019 at the Yuno Juno awards.

What makes me different?

You get the full, strategic, 360-view on marketing where others give you a tiny slice. Working in London marketing agencies since 2005, I saw how big brands get access to the best insight and full picture about what really works in launching and relaunching – but smaller ones don’t.

And this is unfair for you!

What if smaller businesses are the last to know? What if they only have access to get-rich-quick scammers, clickbait articles and unqualified ‘coaches’? That’s why I rigorously handpick from the most trusted marketing science and advice –  then simplify it. I give you the full picture, so you’ll launch at speed, with profit and build a brand – without getting stuck in a digital maze.

Why clients trust me.

Not only have I worked on some of the biggest brands in the world, I am qualified in marketing effectiveness, advanced market research (and more) – and I won ‘Strategist Of The Year’ at the Yuno Juno awards in 2019.

I have to say that Simon is up there with the best of them. What I love about his approach is that nothing is ever ripped off and replaced.

– Caroline Lotinga, Director, MOI Global, UK

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PS. Email and tell me how scattergun marketing has taken the momentum out of your launches. It happens a lot and I’d love to hear your story.

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